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What is adapted (tailor-made) for the advisor in the website Learn more

The “Custom Package” is the only one that offers a personalized design, while the other packages offer some form of customization.

The Elite, Signature, and Select packages offer customizable areas to integrate your logo, choose colors, and add your contact information. No logo or reference to Financière Horizons will appear on your website. Watch the video which reviews the multiple customization possibilities offered by the WebFuté package.

Is the WebFuté tax deductible? Learn more

Yes, all of our WebFuté service is tax deductible. You can declare this service in your expenses. Financial horizons is responsible for providing you with the invoices required to report this service.
Ask your accountant for more information!

I am using a CRM such as Kronos. How should I organize my Excel file? Learn more

How do you sort your Excel list when using a tool like Kronos or any other CRM designed to manage your customer records? To answer this question effectively, we invite you to consult the tutorial on this matter. It details in a few easy steps how to organize your customer list extracted from your CRM software (eg Kronos) in order to send it to us.

Is my client information protected?

Futé Marketing will use the advisor’s client base for the sole purpose of segmenting the information that will be conveyed to clients. Clients remain the property of the advisor. Futé marketing will not sell, give or trade the advisor’s client base to third parties for personal and / or business purposes. Futé Marketing will only allow employees who must necessarily use the list and derived files to access it to perform contracted activities. Futé Marketing employees have signed a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement for information received through Financial horizons. In addition, any “cookies” used on your website to improve the user experience will be done anonymously to respect the confidentiality and privacy of visitors. The protection of your personal information is supported by security measures taken to protect users against the loss or unauthorized use of their personal information. Futé marketing uses “Secure Socket Layer (SSL)” technology which makes the transmission of information completely secure.

I already have a website. What are my options?

There are several options available to you. To find out more, we invite you to consult the following video.

Can you ensure content compliance?

Yes, 100% of the content we produce for your website is validated through the team that ensures compliance at Financial horizons: newsletters, banner ads, etc. It is only after their approval that we publish the content on the various web platforms.

How should I organize my customer list in Excel?

You must send us your client list using the Excel file template presented on this page. For more information, we suggest watching the tutorial which shows step by step instructions on how to do it.

Are you in compliance with the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation? Learn more

Bill C-28 governs any type of commercial electronic message sent to an electronic address, whether it is an email, an SMS or a message on social networks. The law defines the commercial character of the message as follows: any electronic message allowing a reasonable conclusion to be drawn about the promotion of a product, a person, a service or a business opportunity, whether there is or not profit expectations. For example: an offer to buy, sell, rent a product, service, land, business opportunity, investment, etc.

From now on, you must have the express or implied consent of the person to whom you are sending a commercial message. If you don’t, you are breaking the law, remedies and penalties can be very expensive.

Many people think they will no longer be able to promote by email. It is not at all the case, on the contrary. It will always be possible to do email marketing and it will remain the most cost effective and efficient way to promote your products and services. The law only encourages good practices and penalizes those who pollute mailboxes.

What is the difference between express consent and implied consent? When the person has given you their consent to receive your communications (eg subscription to your newsletter from your website), this is express consent. When you can demonstrate that you have a business relationship with someone without that person having given you their consent to receive your communications, then this is tacit consent. Here are the cases accepted by the law of implied consent.

I do not have a text describing myself to provide. Can I still participate? Learn more

Yes. We have provided generic text for advisors who do not have descriptive text for their “About” page. Note that it is possible to send us a descriptive text at any time so that we can replace it. However, we strongly suggest that you take a few minutes to write a short piece of around 250 words about yourself or your business. The about page is your personalized space; this is the perfect place to make your site more personalized and highlight your advice.

Can I participate in the development of WebFuté? Learn more

An advisory committee meets 3 times a year to inform you of the latest advances in WebFuté as well as any development plans: future newsletter topics, new pages to be designed, etc. The importance of your presence is crucial: it is during this meeting that we discuss the direction of the upcoming developments and the changes to be made. If you would like to participate and join the advisory committee, please register now. Also, make sure to let us know the date, place and time at least 45 days before the event.

What about invoicing?

The contract is established on the basis of a 12 consecutive months commitment. The first payment will be requested on the 1st of the month following the launch of your website. The next 11 payments will be made on the 1st of every upcoming month. Note that you will be informed by email before your website goes live.

Why do I have to provide so much information about my clients?

This information feeds into the WebFuté tool and makes it possible to clearly define the different personas to target. In addition, the information provided promotes the development of our tool in order to bring as many leads as possible through our Futé Optimization. The more complete and detailed the list, the better your results will be! Please be assured that the information provided is kept confidential, as we recognize that the success of the signatory is tied to a large extent to the non-disclosure and non-use of confidential information of its customers for purposes other than those of this agreement.

What is included in the making of my LinkedIn page? Learn more

Here is an illustration showing what is included in the making of your LinkedIn page by Futé Marketing. You will be able to make additional customizations without any problems as you are the owner of this account.


How can I further personalize my LinkedIn page? Learn more

We care about your success; a tutorial is therefore at your disposal in order to get the most out of your Linkedin page. See the training video here: How to customize my LinkedIn page.

How can I ensure the proper management of my online chat? Learn more

Proper management of your Live Chat will lead to better results. See the training video here: How to properly manage my online chat.

What is good to know about instalments and late payments?

The monthly amounts will be debited directly by Financial horizons Group from your “Financial horizons account”. If the Financial horizons Group is in default of payment, Futé Marketing may partially or totally stop the services without notice or any liability to you.

How is my contract renewed?

After the 12 months of your contract, the website belongs to you. You have 3 options:

  1. Keep your package at the preferential price indicated on the Our Offers page.
  2. Opt out of the offer and keep the website (static version), hosting, and domain name for $425/year.
  3. Completely stop services with Futé Marketing ($0/month). You will keep the website (static version), but neither hosting nor the domain name will be supported by Futé Marketing. You will be responsible for 100% of the transfer yourself within 30 days following the end of the contract.
Can I have access to more services than what the WebFuté package offers?

If you want additional personalized adjustments, note that the pricing is a la carte. As a customer, you benefit from a preferential rate of $ 100 per hour. Here are the services you can request; AdWords advertising / Facebook advertising management / Creation of new web banners / Logo creation.

Please note that you cannot make adjustments to pages on your website that do not offer a personalization component.

Stay in touch with your clients

Your name

Your advisor since 2008

Finding you bearings in the ever-changing world of finance and insurance products can be overwhelming. Having a complete and beneficial solution for all of your assets can be quite a puzzle. That is why I am offering you my services: I would like to review your situation and present a tailored analysis of your portfolio.

With my advice, you will benefit from a successful management of your investments and achieve optimal asset allocation. In addition, we can also review your various insurance plans to ensure that you have the best solutions. All this while guiding you effectively through the various products available to you.

But there’s more, as we build a trusting relationship I can also put forward a financial plan tailored to secure your future. I guarantee you that by working together I can present a plan that’s adapted to your needs as well as your economic realities. Let’s start now! Seek my expertise to build your financial future and benefit from my insurance and investing knowledge.

Votre nom 

Votre conseiller depuis 2008

S’orienter dans le monde en constante évolution de la finance et des produits d’assurance peut être un véritable casse-tête. Trouver une solution complète et avantageuse pour l’ensemble de vos avoirs devient également bien complexe. C’est pourquoi je vous propose mes services afin de procéder à une analyse personnalisée de votre portefeuille.

Grâce à mes conseils, vous bénéficierez de placements optimaux et d’une gestion fructueuse de vos investissements. De plus, nous nous assurerons ensemble de vous guider vers les meilleures solutions d’assurance. Tout cela en vous orientant efficacement à travers la vaste gamme de produits qui s’offre à vous.

Je vous propose également une planification judicieuse de votre avenir financier en vous assurant d’abord une relation de confiance. Il me fera plaisir de vous garantir une écoute adaptée de vos besoins et de votre réalité économique. Faites appel à mon expertise en matière d’assurance et d’investissement dès maintenant. Un avenir financier qui vous avantage, ça se planifie!

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